Redefining Tenant Screening

We are revolutionizing the tenant screening process by providing a comprehensive, efficient, and trustworthy tool that empowers landlords and property managers to make informed decisions. This is accomplished by utilizing state-of-the-art ML algorithms, including OCR, NLP, and LLM.

Next-Level Security Features: Safeguarding Your Property

ProofUp provides top-tier security features like advanced fraud detection, ID verification with facial recognition, and easy income verification through bank integration, giving landlords peace of mind.

Advanced Fraud Protection

Our advanced fraud detection tool analyzes the PDF documents byte data to spot any signs of manipulation or forgery.

ID Verification

Our ID verification process utilizes facial recognition software to match government-issued IDs with applicant-submitted selfies.

Income Verification

Our integration with Plaid enables us to link to users' bank accounts, facilitating the verification of employment through paystubs found within their bank statements.

Dynamic Fraud Detection

Our tool encompasses a three part solution around common tenant screening pain-points that we have discovered in the market. By Implementing machine learning capabilities we are constantly updating and improving our fraud detection tool to not only detect edits made to the PDF, but also detect if the PDF was generated from a growing list of fake PDF creation sites.

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